AR Bounce Help

Most common AR issues, and solutions:

Error: “Unable to access camera”
1.Open system settings
2. find “AR BOUNCE”
3. make sure ‘Camera’ toggle is in ‘on’ position

Unable to acces camera

Unable to start experience

Here is list of tips to improve your AR experience:

Lighting: Make sure that there is enough light in your room or operating environment so that the scene details are well visible in the camera view.


Scanning issues: Make sure scanned environment is static and camera view contains enough details and high contrast between objects.

Avoid places like for example empty white table or places full of people.


During scanning process move your device slowly up/down/left and right pointing at the place where you want  to play. Sometimes you will have to come with your camera closer  to the surface in order to detect details.

Avoid scanning places with reflective surfaces.


If you still have issues with AR experience, please contact us: